General Dentistry


General & Family Dentistry

Family dentistry is for patients of all ages offering complete, comprehensive dental care.

Comprehensive dental care involves the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide variety of conditions, and diseases, affecting the teeth and gums. We provide services related to the general maintenance of oral health including checkups, oral health consultations, and necessary treatment for the entire family at every stage of your life.

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be caused by various problems like tooth infection, decay, injury, or loss of a tooth. To determine and diagnose the cause, an oral examination is needed which may include radiographs.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

Breaking a tooth is traumatic, we can take quick action and fix cosmetic damage and help prevent long-term problems.

Cavities & Decay

When you come for a dental exam, we check your fillings and may suggest that you replace any loose or broken ones. We will look for signs of decay, such as brown or black spots, and might use X-rays to take a closer look at problem spots. If you have a cavity, we might keep an eye on it (if it's small) or fill it right away. If a large cavity is not filled, it can get bigger and cause pain. The tooth may even have to be removed and replaced with a false (or artificial) tooth.

Tooth Stains

We offer a couple of whitening procedures to brighten your teeth and return the smile yo tour face.

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